Sunday, September 19, 2010


My parents took the boys for the weekend so they

could go to the fair in Globe. Today my parents called
to tell me that Aiden fell into the rock table in the living room,
here is the results.......... kind of graphic

The tooth is messed up goin to dentist tomorrow.
Hope he does not lose it.

Cut lip

Mostly bruised now came back together.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WOW...I promise I'm alive !!!!

Ok so it has been a year sence my last post let me explain I totally forgot my username and password, just figured it out. YEI.
So today is my BIRHTDAY.....I'm 21 plus 10 HEHE
It was great. Hopefully I can continue to blog I loved it alot.
So with that goodnight as it has been a long Birthday and more to do tomorrow
I spent the day with family tomorrow my friends.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jared !!!!

UPDATE...... Jared has a condtion called PALLID SYNCOPE....which he will outgrow but when is the question.. so here it goes Jared bumps his head and crys (normal)..holds his breathe (normal) eyes roll back (not normal) he passes out and is not conscious (not normal) so the doc says to lay him flat so the blood goes back to his head.. (breathe) so now we are waitin for blood work to tell us if iron and vitamin C are to high or too low....I will let you all know in about 2 or 3 weeks..... if its too low then he will have and iron and vitiamin C supplement.... and hope he out grows it..... so here is a picture I took in the car after the appt at 1:15 I felt to bad to wake him to be poked in the arm with a needle.....

Monday, August 17, 2009


So school started and I can't tell you how excited I have been see this year I Have 3 in school ( oh yes 3 ) Billy is in 4th grade, Dominic is in 1st grade, and Jared is a kindergardner, I am so happy but lonely Aiden is home with me all day I am tryin to get him on the same routine as the boys to go to bed when they do only cause he goes in there and screams and wakes them up. I.E. we found this out on the first week of school. So now I got his routine down too. Need to find a play group for him, for the most part he is a really good kid when they are gone. Here are some pictures of the boy's first day..............
I don't think they have sun light in about
3 months
Jared was so happy to go it was the first
thing he said when I woke them up
Billy and Dom just look so happy
This was taken about and hour after
they woke up... they look happy now

Friday, March 13, 2009

1 LITTLE MONKEY fell of the couch !!!!

This is not for the squeamish so if you are look with caution. Aiden has learned to walk climb and pick his nose in one week. We had to have our couch fixed so the back was off, he climed on the couch from the back sat down and as I went to grab for him he slipped out of my hands hit the medal piece and it busted his head open. So one trip to the ER and 6 stitches later we got home at midnight.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Whats new in the HALL house??

The new year brings new things, Billy is doing better at reading, Dominic is sad his 8th grade buddy moved away, Jared's tummy is a bottomless pit, food is always going in, Aiden is having surgery on the 27th he is getting his first set of tubes well see if they work and how long they last, Seth is getting a promotion at work and a good raise, I switched to Great Clips on Val Vista and Guadalupe its a raise too. Things are all good and calm in the house no drama I had to give up taken care of my grandma it just got to be too hard, I feel bad but I have 4 kids a husband and a full time job it was a very very tough decision. So the new year also brings other new things the kids and I have started off the first Sunday going to church oh yes u read right church.... Seth is a sleep and my BFF goes with me to help with the boys, Billy is going to be working with the bishop to do the things he needs to do to get Baptized. I will keep you all updated and tell you his and mine progress its hard with 4 kids but there were some signs that made me believe we were supposed to be there the opening hyme was onward christian soldiers one of my fav songs and the closing hyme was # 136 I know my Redeemer lives and to answer your question YES I CRIED the last two verses..... So any way I know you all our shocked but its good... Thanks for all the love and patience. This feels good talk to you all soon. Monica

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How long has it been????

So I just wanted to share that, my family and I are still alive. Seth and I are both working I am cutting hair at the Smart Style salon inside Wal-Mart on Gilbert and Germann Seth also works at the Wal-Mart there so things are OK. But unfortunately we are moving again cause of him losing his job times are hard I'm hoping to get my bills paid and maybe have a little left over for Christmas presents for the boys. My job is good have some great clients and if you know anybody who needs hair cuts tell them about me. I am dealing with alot my 4 aunts and uncles and my mother are not taking care of my dementia grandmother so I have stepped in to do so, so that sucks and it is so hard to see her that way. My mother may have cervical cancer again but it may be worse this time and it may be attached to her vein so this is life threatening for her and so as I write this I pray tomorrow at her Dr.s appt it might not be that bad she had test done he said it should take two weeks well he called her back in 2 days and made her an appt so it really does not sound good. I have a friend who put her name in the pray bag at the temple. Oh yea I'm Moving today but I'm in Globe to be here for my mom that is what is best right now to be with her. So when it rains it pours but I'm trying not to cry and just hope my life turns around. My grandma is so confused it is like having a fifth child she forgets so easy I am constantly telling her the same thing over and over again like every 5 minutes it is really hard. Any way on a fun note Seth and I will have our 9 years married on Dec. 11 hope we can have at least 2 hours alone. Now the kids they are doing good we are getting help from the school for Billy's dyslexia that is going good. By the time anyone reads this Billy had his birthday he is now 9 and is a bear in scouts, Dominic will have had his birthday and he is now 6 so much fun stuff in my life. Dominic is reading books in school and he loves his teacher. Jared is getting so big and helpful with Aiden, Jared can't wait for his turn to start school. Aiden is 21 lbs oh yea i said it 21 he is so chubby and cute can't help but to love them all they are so much I was trying to get this posted last week did not work right computer failed me, now that I'm still writing this a week later my mom is having her surgery tomorrow (Friday) they are going to cut and cauterize the cervix and then slice it, microscope it and test it then we will now for sure what and where it is. We moved and all is good. Hope everyone has a HAPPY TURKEY DAY. Give thanks where it is due and loves those near and dear to your hearts everyday is a special day. With love Monica

Sunday, September 14, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today is my 29th Birthday..... here are a
few pictures of me and then pictures of the items
I received thank you too all of you for
making it special to me...........

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Some random pictures of my Family.

LOOKER BE WARE there is alot of pictures............
So I decided to post something just for fun, I
picked random pictures of my kids at different ages

Billy when we were on our way to Utah
a few years ago..

Easter about 3 years ago..

Christmas 4 years ago.... waiting for mom
and dad to get up

Dominic with papa's hat til this day all
the boys try to steal papa's hats..
So this picture as you can see we had to
much sun don't know why my son looks
so scary but I think my dad caught him
by surprise..
Now he decided to stick his tongue out I guess he
taught he would be funny..

Jared couple hours old and then the
fun began..
Well a few years ago I was babysitting my
nephew and niece while their mom and dad
went out of town for I think 2 days I dug
out my baby swing cause Hunter was a baby
and Jared though it must be for him I was
looking for him and this is what I found..
Everybody who knows us knows that Jared
has asthma well this is us trying to get him
used to the mask for his treatments so we
made it a little game he looks like a cute
little duck..
And now there is Aiden who everybody in
this house thinks is so funny now they all
try to get him to do crazy things but Seth
gets all the credit for the next 3 pictures
don't know how he did it I love how all the
boys think he is great before he took to
much time from us towards them but now
they want to play cause he laughs at them
all the time can't tell if they think he is funny
or Aiden thinks they are funny but we all laugh..
His tongue almost looks fake..
This picture makes me think of a song here it is
he is so cute..
So here is my cute little family hope you
will enjoy them as much as I do..

Friday, August 29, 2008

Billy and Scouts !!!!

Billy had a pack meeting about a week ago to

his shock ( cause I did not tell him ) he got
some awards, they are his first yellow bead
his Physical Fitness belt loop, his Cub Scout
Outdoor Activity Award patch. He was really
happy to recieve his new awards now I have to
sew the patch on and we need to get the belt
here is with his new awards

Thursday, August 21, 2008

4 Months

WOW has it really been 4 months

Well YES it has so here it goes
Aiden is 17 lbs. 24in long
he laughs all the time and smiles
none stop it has been loads of fun

Monday, August 11, 2008


So it was brought to my attetion who my chubby baby looks like,
I will take you back a
years and lets all remember the
if you don't let remember let me refresh you with a clip

Oh so cute LOVE IT !!!!

But really mine is even BETTER !!!!

He is so squishy I love it and he laughs all the time
I really love his
BIG smile !!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Wonderful BOYS I have !!

I wanted to share the joy of my son

JARED he never ceases to amaze me
I think last week I walked into his toy
room (BTW) the older boys were at papa's
any way I walked in and this is what I found
his dirty underwear hung on the wall.
I mean really are you kidding ME.....
is this what I am going to deal with

So school started on Monday for my boys
Billy is in 3rd grade and Dominic is in
Kindergarden so I took the kids to school
cause they decided to go camping for meet
the teacher night so I went alone, well any way
I took some pictures of my boys on the way there

Now there is Aiden my cute fat little
rolly polly boy there is no words to express
my little angel so here are a few about him
and just so you are wondering Billy is behind
him with his hand on his back so he does
not fall over..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My little BABY

Here is me and Aiden boxing, he is laughing

so hard. He makes my heart melt with love

Here is Aiden's new toy it is a BEBE Pod he likes
pretty good it has a toy and a tray so very versitle

And here are some random pictures that I like